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Metal Gear Online beta for Japan only?

Konami blocks Western sign-ups.

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Konami Japan appears to be blocking outside attempts to sign-up for the Metal Gear Online beta test.

Those trying have suddenly found the Japanese site off limits, suggesting the developer is trying to keep a lid on the amount of people involved.

If you already have a code, your position may be less set-in-stone than you think - Konami could go on to deny all Western-originating IP addresses from taking part.

However, this would contradict comments made by series overlord Hideo Kojima, who flaunted the beta as a chance to gain worldwide feedback on what each territory wants.

Konami Europe was unavailable for comment.

The Metal Gear Online beta kicks off on 17th April, with the full game set to launch alongside MGS4 on 12th June.

MGO is a multiplayer spin-off to the Metal Gear series rather than an online side-order for the latest instalment. It aims to stand on its own two feet by offering ongoing downloadable content, and may be digitally distributed in the future.

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