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Battlefield Bad Company gets date

For the US, anyway.

Electronic Arts has unveiled plans to deploy Battlefield: Bad Company on 23rd June across the US.

The publisher was unavailable to inform us of its European aims, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 game still lingering aimlessly in "2008" on the schedule.

Battlefield: Bad Company was pushed back from an early 2008 release because it needed more polish. However, it now joins a busy June schedule filled with titles like Metal Gear Solid 4, Ninja Gaiden II, Alone in the Dark and The Bourne Conspiracy.

Bad Company is a single-player spin-off in the Battlefield series, and focuses on telling a story of revenge behind enemy lines. We're promised plenty of dark humour sprinkled on top, as well as an accurate portrayal of army life.

DICE will also be flexing its online muscle with a multiplayer component that will have you climbing ranks in a similar way to Call of Duty 4.

Expect more information soon.

Meanwhile, pop over to our Battlefield: Bad Company gamepage for a spot of movie watching.