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Boom Blox gets firm release date

Spielberg's effort coming very soon.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has told Eurogamer that Boom Blox, the Steven Spielberg-developed game for Wii, will be released in Europe on May 9th.

Boom Blox is a cute and colourful effort which involves throwing blocks around, building structures and blasting them apart. You can also "remix" any level in the game and share your design online.

"My inspiration for this game came while I was playing the Wii for the first time," said Spielberg. "Boom Blox plays on the enjoyment of building and knocking down blocks, something that can appeal innately to kids and adults of all ages."

Perhaps most interestingly you'll be able to play the game by moving your head about, as revealed at this year's GDC - read our full report for more details. You can also see Boom Blox in action via the gamepage.

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