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What Wii owners are playing most

US stats make for interesting reading.

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New stats appearing on the US Nintendo Channel have revealed what Wii owners prefer to play - and for how long.

The Nintendo Channel is available in Europe too, but the stats only appear to be accessible via the American version. According to Kotaku's calculations, Wii owners spend a whole lot of time on Guitar Hero III - racking up an average total playing time of 53 hours and 28 minutes. Each person who owns the game has booted it up 30 times on average, and in total six million gaming sessions have been logged.

Next up is Wii Sports. The average time spent playing the game is 33 hours and six minutes, and owners have played the game 28.3 times. More than 21 million gaming sessions have taken place, and 24.7 million hours of play have been racked up.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has been booted up an average of 9.9 times by everyone who owns it. They've played it for 4.1 million hours in total, or an average of 21 hours each.

At the lower end of the scale, Okami, Carnival Games and Wii Fit have all been played around 5.7 times by their owners. Okami wins out when it comes to average time spent playing - 14 hours 25 minutes, compared to just over 9 hours for Wii Fit and nearly eight hours for Carnival Games.

The figure for Boom Blox stands at 8 hours 25 minutes, and it's only been booted up 3.8 times on average. What a shame. It is good!

Stats are also available for WiiWare games - Final Fantasy: My Life as a King is apparently most popular, with an average play time of 11 hours and 46 minutes. Visit MTV multiplayer for more exciting WiiWare-related maths fun.

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