Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Some of the fun of the fair.

Forrest Gump was wrong. Life is not like a box of chocolates, it's like a collection of mini-games. Some bits are dull and frustrating (traffic jams, trips to Ikea, Wii Sports baseball). Some bits are fun and exciting (rollercoasters, Wii Play air hockey, how's your father). All bits are best enjoyed with at least one other person.

Carnival Games, the latest collection of mini-games for the Wii, is like getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Ikea. But then bouncing on all the beds when you get there. But then all the beds break because they are cheaply made and poorly constructed and the fun is all over too quickly.

At least Carnival Games gets the set-up right. There are 25 mini-games to play, each based on the sideshow attractions you see at fun fairs and theme parks and on Brighton pier where you can also see Rupert asking for change of a hundred pound note so he can have a go on the coppers pusher. You don't need a nunchuk to play any of them, or even more than one remote for multiplayer (although this does mean you're limited to the turn-taking games and can't play the splitscreen ones).

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Carnival Games for Wii

Virtual candy floss.

Take-Two offshoot Global Star Software has revealed plans to recreate the fun of the fairground for Wii this summer.