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Carnival Games for Wii

Virtual candy floss.

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Take-Two offshoot Global Star Software has revealed plans to recreate the fun of the fairground for Wii this summer.

But, alas, Carnival Games is only confirmed for North America at the moment, although we expect it to rear its head in Europe soon.

Cat Daddy Games of 'Deal or No Deal' fame will be creating the title, which will feature over 25 of your favourite fairground pursuits, like getting your fortune told or Tossing the Milk Can, all that sort of stuff. Mini-game heaven.

Presumably you'll also never be able to win, either, and get progressively more agitated as the scraggly stall-owner takes more and more of your money that you earned by doing your paper-round every day at 6am.

But if you do manage to best The Man, then there will be more than 250 unique and upgradeable prizes to wallow in, like a gigantic cuddly toy or, er, a goldfish. You can also bag yourself some costume bits and pieces to pop on your character, too.

It's all sticky candy floss and vomit in the grass. Such happy days.

"The game was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Wii Remote, so the flick of your wrist in 'Alley Ball' makes the difference between scoring an impressive 100 points and a lowly 10 points," said Steve Lux, vice president of Global Star Software.

"The ability to pound the Wii Remote like a sledgehammer with the right mix of power and finesse in 'Test of Strength' determines whether you are a Contender or a Grandma."

So, what's your fondest memory of those fairground fiascos?

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