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New TF2 map and mode launch for PC

Goldrush, Payload, new Medic achievements.

Valve has released a new map for Team Fortress 2 on PC sporting a new game-type, along with a bunch of new achievements and unlockable weapons for the Medic.

What's more, Valve is having a TF2 Free Weekend to celebrate, so even if you've never played the game you can jump in and try it out.

The new map is called Gold Rush that should "evoke feelings of both Dustbowl, in terms of layout and team goals, and Hunted, as it has a central objective that forces the battlefield to move through the map dynamically". Thanks Valve.

However evocative it may be, it is certainly different in one key respect: it's home to the new Payload game-type, where the blue team tries to push a bomb along some railroad tracks through a trio of red bases in order to win.

The bomb truck will move steadily when people are next to it, increasing its speed as more people congregate around it, but if left to its own devices for 30 seconds it will start to trundle backwards.

Along its path through Goldrush's three separate areas it will make it to a series of capture points, as the red team attempts to block its path and stop the blue players driving it onward.

Meanwhile, Medic players can gun for 36 new achievements, with new weapons unlocked as they hit milestones of 12, 24 and 36. Those weaps are the Blutsauger, Kritzkrieg and Ubersaw.

Details of those, and all the other stuff complete with spangly icons, are available on the Steam website.