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New Age of Conan PVP modes revealed

Mini-games join siege warfare.

In an update to the official Age of Conan site, developer Funcom has revealed a couple of new player-versus-player combat modes for the massively multiplayer fantasy game.

The two mini-games provide a fast-paced PVP experience based on standard multiplayer gametypes - Funcom says they are "more akin to an FPS match than traditional MMO combat". Capture the Skull sounds very much like a capture the flag variant, while Team Annihilation is an even more straightforward race to the highest kill count - a team deathmatch mode, basically.

These should provide a welcome counterpoint to the game's widely publicised and highly involved siege warfare system for high-level players.

Check out the Age of Conan gamepage for more coverage of this promising MMO epic. Age of Conan will be released on May 20 on PC, with an Xbox 360 version to follow next year.