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Euro PSP gets firmware update

PS3 version 2.00 around corner?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has whipped out its wrench and updated the European PSP firmware to version 3.72.

It should stop things going wrong when you are playing downloadable PSone games on your handheld, and it also adds support for the new remote start feature, which lets you turn on your PS3 using your PSP rather than fingers on your hand.

This, clever-clogses among you will realise, is a feature you will need PS3 firmware version 2.00 to use, suggesting that it is not too far away at all.

Rumours have already suggested that it would be here at the end of October, and bring with it cross media bar customisation, a separate PSN and PlayTV category, and new music and video playlists and groups.

We will keep our oranges peeled.

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