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Interplay plans Fallout MMO

Will revitalise publisher.

Resurgent US publisher Interplay has said it is working on Fallout Online, a game that will play a key role in its future plans.

The comments were made in a money-matters talk by big cheese Harvey Caen, who boasted double the amount of profits over this time last year.

"With that difficult period behind us, we are focused on securing funding for development of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on the popular Fallout franchise," said Caen in a statement.

"Along with our strategy of leveraging our existing portfolio of intellectual gaming properties, Fallout Online will play a key role in the future of Interplay."

Nearly all of the increased cash intake by the publisher was made by selling the majority of the Fallout licence to Oblivion creator Bethesda earlier in the year.

It isn't yet clear which platforms Caen has in mind for the MMO, or who will be handling development. Interplay was responsible for the original Fallout game made by Black Isle Studios in 1997.

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