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No new XBLA game due to GTA IV

Which is out today, apparently!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has decided not to publish a new Xbox Live Arcade game this week, and comments on the publisher's Gamerscoreblog suggest GTA IV is the reason.

"There will be no new Xbox Live Arcade title this week, and we anticipate all Xbox 360 controllers will be busy with [GTA IV]," the blog writers, all MS staffers, revealed.

After a few posters moaned about this, online community manager Nelson Rodriguez said, "We definitely understand the complaints".

"There are certainly people who won't be playing GTA IV, and would want to see an alternative on the Arcade, but to be fair, any game released this week will not get a fair chance to reach everyone who the publisher might want to reach.

"There are a ton of games out there to still try, and a publisher who might have released a game this week will probably be thrilled to have the entire public's undivided attention when they do launch."

But this wasn't enough for some, like poster DF, who wrote: "Not everybody likes the series, you know?" Clearly he's not been pigeon-hunting yet. 195 winged rats to go!

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