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GTA IV Team and Race MP modes detailed

Co-op and competitive stuff soon.

Rockstar has revealed details of the team-based and racing multiplayer modes in Grand Theft Auto IV, promising details of the co-operative and competitive modes soon.

In a Flashy splash on its official website, the publisher outlined various modes and also released a selection of multiplayer screenshots and two short trailers: Liberty City Gun Club and Playboy X.

Those team and racing multiplayer modes, some of which we had heard about already but it's always nice to put the info in one place stop complaining Jesus, are:

  • Team Deathmatch: A straight-up shootout (and presumably hitandrunout) where the team with the most cash at the end of the round wins. For between two and eight teams.
  • Team Mafiya Work: Each team is carrying out contract work for the mob - escorting wanted men, boosting cars, picking up MacGuffins, and the idea is to amass the most cash from completed contracts. Again for 2-8 teams.
  • Team Car Jack City: Cars spawn around the city and have to be picked up and taken to a drop-off. Again, the most money wins, but you can boost your total by finding cars with drugs stashed in them. 2-8 teams.
  • Cops n' Crooks: In this one, one team plays as Cops and the other team as Crooks. The Crooks are out to escape from the Cops - in the sub-mode All For One, their job is to escort their Boss to safety, while in One For All they need to gather themselves into a getaway vehicle. The Cops are out to kill the Crooks or disable their getaway vehicle. We also recall that the Cops spawn in cars while the Crooks don't. This is for two teams only, for obvious reasons.
  • Turf War: Capture-the-base, effectively, where you try and take over different areas of the map by standing on them and looking hard. The more team-mates you share a capture point with, the harder you look, the faster it becomes yours. If an enemy is nearby, capture is impossible. Like Cops n' Crooks, this is for two teams.
  • Race: As the name suggests, this is a race between checkpoints. You can either race point-to-point (Free Race) or complete checkpoints in any order (Cannonball Run).
  • GTA Race: Finally, this one is like Race, except you can use weapons to mess your fellow racers up.

But of course "finally" is the wrong word, as there will be co-op and competitive modes to talk about oh-so-soon. Look out for more on GTA IV, including hands-on impressions and of course a full review, in the run-up to the game's 29th April release date on PS3 and 360.