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SPOGS Racers for WiiWare

Bonkers vehicles with spooky faces.

D2C Games has lifted the lid on their WiiWare game, SPOGS Racing.

It sounds weird, and it is; little balls in big tyres race around courses doing loop-the-loops while smashing into each other and stealing weapons and upgrades on the fly.

The balls inside the tyres have eerie cartoon faces and your little vehicle can be modified with other images and parts.

D2C has a few game modes to try and keep you interested, such as stunt courses and head-to-head multiplayer, as well as guff like power-ups, weapons, and its Crash N Grab steal-stuff-as-you-go system.

There's no word on the price or date, but you can look at it in our SPOGS Racing gallery.

WiiWare, or Wii Software as we know it, is yet to be given a release date in Europe.

However, the Live Arcade-like service is due out on 12th May in the US, and Nintendo invited us along to see what was on offer earlier this week.

Pop over to our WiiWare impressions to see what we thought.

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SPOGS Racing

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