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Camelot could return to Golden Sun

"We want to play that game too."

We Love Golf developer Camelot has said that it is working on RPG ideas and hasn't ruled out a Golden Sun game for DS.

"It would be great, wouldn't it!" Hiroyuki and Shugo Takahashi told Eurogamer when we played golf with them recently.

"We want to play that game too, just as much as you. We love Golden Sun!

"We are working on a lot of different things - a lot of different design documents and so on, including some different RPG ideas. Don't worry, we're thinking about RPG stuff!"

However, for the moment shipping the European version of We Love Golf, featuring online play, is the focus, and as Camelot is a single-team developer it's very much a case of "we'll see what happens".

But for those who remember the two GBA Golden Sun games - random-battlers with interesting upgrade systems built around magical creatures called Djinn - the brothers have some reassuring words:

"Camelot is an RPG maker. We don't think that we'll ever quit making RPGs."

Good then. They're also much better at We Love Golf than we are, so check out our We Love Golf interview for more on how that game's shaping up, including some photographs of the Takahashis punishing Eurogamer's Rob Fahey for not replacing divots.

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