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EA bundles five SimCity games together

All for the price of one.

Electronic Arts has unveiled The SimCity Box, which has five of the latest instalments in the series bundled together for the price of a normal game.

Inside are SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies: Destinations, SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush Hour and The Sims Carnival SnapCity.

The SimCity Box is due out in the US this June, and we are waiting to hear back about its European date.

SimCity Societies: Destinations makes its debut in The Box, and expands on Societies by adding attractions to lure people to your creation, like theme parks, tropical beach resorts, hiking trails and many, many more.

Societies itself is a fresh take on the SimCity series that is based more around the people living there and what they are feeling, rather than the statistics of the buildings themselves. However, it struggled to impress us when it was released last November.

SimCity 4, on the other hand, is exactly what you expect from the series. It's five years-old now, though, but still has the classic if rather bloated blend of statistic juggling that took the name to fame in the first place.

SimCity 4: Rush Hour is an expansion that has you managing the transport in your creation. You can hop in a fire truck and put out real fires, too, which is amazing. Works well with SimCity 4, though.

SimCity Carnival SnapCity is a puzzle twist on the series where you arrange falling blocks so they build the best city available. Like Tetris with buildings.