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More Wii Fits coming, says Nintendo

Best "shop around" if you want to pre-order.

Nintendo UK has responded to concerns about the fact Wii Fit appears to have sold out before it's even on shelves - insisting that "many retailers are still accepting pre-orders".

That doesn't include Play, Amazon, GAME, Shopto or Zavvi, however, all of whom have stopped offering the product for pre-order. But there's no need to worry, according to Nintendo. A statement issued to GamesIndustry.biz reads, "All retailers in the UK and Ireland have been aware of their Wii Fit allocations for launch since early March and as such we would see any stopping of pre-orders a sensible precaution on their part to ensure all current orders are met. Many retailers are still accepting pre-orders and we would advise people to shop around to secure their copy.

"As with all our launches, we are working very hard with all our retail partners to be as open and as transparent as possible with further deliveries," the statement continues.

"We're disappointed if even one person can't get hold of one of our products and we are doing everything we can to ensure we have as much stock as possible coming into the UK and Ireland not just at launch, but continually, to try and minimise any potential disappointment as much as possible."

Japan has already gone bonkers for Wii Fit, with 1.4 million sold since it launched there in December. It's out in Europe on April 25th, priced at GBP 69.99 / USD 89.99. Look out for Eurogamer's review very soon.

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