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Criterion to "transform" Paradise

More patches promised this year.

Criterion has pledged to "TRANSFORM" Burnout Paradise by issuing a series of hefty updates.

As previously reported, the first of these will be called "Cagney". According to Criterion's website, the updates have names rather than numbers because they're extra special.

"You may have noticed us referring to our future new content by codenames," the latest post reads. "Just to clarify - you’ll see them in this order: "Cagney", then "Davis" and then "Eastwood"." James Cagney, Clint Eastwood, yes, but Davis? As in Steve?

"What we’re working on now goes way beyond conventional content updates, so we figured the usual 1.1, 1.2 version numbers didn’t do it justice."

These aren't just patches, you see. "We will TRANSFORM Paradise over the coming year," says Criterion.

Any chance of some menu screens?