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Burnout Paradise PS3 to get new patch

It'll introduce 1080i support.

Criterion is working on a new patch for the PS3 version of Burnout Paradise.

Chronologically it's patch 1.3, but what with being so lifestyle Criterion's calling it "Cagney".

As announced on the developer's website the patch will introduce 1080i support. So if you've got a 1080i telly that doesn't support 720p, you'll now be able to run Burnout Paradise in HD rather than SD.

However, "If you have the option to run 720p, we still recommend you run the game in this mode, because the 1080i image is effectively scaled from 720p."

Criterion is promising to tell us more about what else patch 1.3 will do later this week. While you're waiting, why not read Kristan's review, if you haven't already.