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Bikes and planes for Burnout Paradise

Criterion dates upcoming patches.

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Criterion has just revealed that motorbikes are on their way to Burnout Paradise in the upcoming "Davis" update.

The developer aired the news in its latest podcast where it showed the first footage of the two-wheelers and uncovered a day and night cycle to go with it.

Criterion expects the "Davis" update to be available in late July.

We were also shown footage of a biplane flying around Paradise City, which is something Criterion "might put in this year".

The chatty developers revealed that the "Cagney" update will be with us in late June, too.

Inside this will be roughly 35 fixes asked for by the community, as well as a Hunter Olympus SUV and some sort of fancy online calendar to keep you updated with all the online events.

These events should be happening every weekend, and some server-side wizardry means the team can change things with no more than a day's notice. The team has plans to dish out unique car-prizes to people sending in very funny emails or winning competitions. And these vehicles will promote plenty of jealousy, apparently.

Criterion said "Cagney" would add around 70 FreeBurn challenges to the mix, and generally be a "massive" update in every way.

"Bogart" is the next update to go live, which will be available tomorrow on PS3, although some 360 owners will have to wait a week for a revised version without frame rate problems.

In this will be more features asked for by the community, as well as user liveries for the first time ever.

Other promises we heard were 1080i implementation, improved SD support, and custom soundtracks.

Criterion reiterated how serious it was about its on-going support for Burnout Paradise, and urged you to keep sending in suggestions.

"We want Criterion to be known as the most friendly development team in the world," said the person holding the camera, which might or might not be Alex Ward.

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