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Okami Wii gets Euro date

Just over a month away.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom has announced that Okami for Wii will be released on 13th June in Europe.

The Wii version of the PS2 game Kristan describes as a "nailed-down 10/10 classic", whatever that means, has been out in the US for a little while, although there appears to be critical disagreement about the Wii-specific additions.

Underneath the mechanics, Okami is a Zelda-flavoured action-adventure in which you guide the sun goddess Amaterasu, a white wolf, through gorgeous cel-shaded environments using a sort of gesture system, the Celestial Brush, to mend a broken world.

We played through some of the Wii version recently and formed a positive first impression, particularly enjoying its 480p widescreen graphics.

Look out for a full review imminently.

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