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Street Fighter film pics break site

Chun Li storyboard turns heads.

The first storyboard images from the upcoming Street Fighter movie have caused quite a stir.

Such a stir, in fact, the official website has had to limit access to authorised users with passwords.

The pictures showed Chun Li, played by Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame, narrowly dodging volleys of bullets from would-be assailants. You can still see these on Kotaku.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is to be released next year to tie-in with the 20th anniversary of the game.

Romeo Must Die and Doom director Andrzej Bartkowiak will be behind the wheel, with enormous mouse-healing Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog, and soppy but sporty American Pie star Chris Klein as Nash.

Weird Black Eyed Peas member Taboo will play Vega, Die Another Day baddie Rick Yune will be Gen, and Minority Report friend-turned-foe Neal McDonough will be M. Bison.

Apparently Jean-Claude Van Damme was approached, but turned down the opportunity to reprise his Guile role from the 1994 film because he is being more careful when picking parts.

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