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Interplay buys rights to Exalted

Another White Wolf property, Mike? Hunter was the other one.

Interplay is extending its relationship with White Wolf by securing the rights to develop games based on pen and paper RPG Exalted, in addition to the company's previous collaboration with White Wolf on Hunter: The Reckoning. Exalted is White Wolf's second largest franchise, and the new agreement grants Interplay exclusive rights to it, something Interplay's veepee of product development Jim Molitor was quite pleased about: "We recognize the enormous following of this franchise and look forward to bringing our gaming expertise to the Exalted license. We have secured the newest offering from White Wolf, which does extremely well from a popularity standpoint. The premise and richness of the Exalted property make it uniquely suited for translation onto the next-generation video game systems," he said. Interplay hasn't talked about what exactly it plans to do with the franchise yet, but we imagine they will make some games. And sell them.

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