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Mattel launches Facebook Scrabble game

Official version to oust Scrabulous.

Mattel has launched its own Scrabble application for Facebook after successfully appealing for the removal of impostor Scrabulous.

But its arrival has been less than smooth, with many of you reporting a variety of bugs and usability issues getting in the way of your fun. Or perhaps you are a just a bit rubbish.

Scrabble is struggling to reel Facebookers in, too, with only 3860 people playing the game each day.

That is partly because US-based Facebook users cannot play it at the moment, as Hasbro licenses the board game there and has agreed that EA will publish its digital creations.

Meanwhile Scrabulous has been deemed fit to return, and commands the spare time of around 692,700 people every day.

Also, we probably have more friends than you.