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Rockstar Social Club registration update

Starting tomorrow.

Those of you wondering when GTA IV Social Club pre-registrations are going to start...are probably smart enough to have gone to the Social Club website and checked, but just in case and as a reminder to the rest of you: 17th April.

That's what we're inferring from the big graphic that says "Pre-registration begins 4.17.08", anyway. Sometimes our job is harder than this.

What's the Social Club? It's an online service from Rockstar that tracks your progress in games like GTA IV and builds exciting leaderboards. You will be able to input your Xbox Live Gamertag or PSN ID and use the site to see who's better and worse than you, with various additional leaderboards to be added over time.

What's more, the first ten people to get 100 percent in-game completion on GTA IV will get a key to the city.

And while you're in that sort of mood, don't forget to join Eurogamers to track your GTA IV Xbox 360 progress against other Eurogamer readers. We'll be making sure everyone knows who's best just as soon as the game launches.

Meanwhile, you can see what else the Social Club offers in our previous write-up. You can also check out yesterday's Grand Theft Auto IV first impressions elsewhere on the site, and should keep your eyes on Eurogamer for more GTA features in the run-up to the game's 29th April launch on PS3 and 360.