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VU Games and Interplay resolve dispute

A Brotherhood of Steel...

Vivendi and Interplay have buried the hatchet and decided to resume their 2002 distribution contract in spite of recent legal hostilities. In the near future, VU Games will distribute Interplay's Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel for PS2/Xbox in North America/Asia-Pacific (but not Japan), retaining exclusive distribution rights in those areas for all future Interplay titles until August 2005.

"Our distribution agreement with Interplay has been a mutually beneficial and valuable partnership for both parties since 2001," according to VU Games' Philip W. O'Neil. Interplay's Herve Caen agrees. "We look forward to extending our working relationship with Vivendi-Universal Games", he said.

Which is a nice contrast to what he said in September. "After several notifications to Vivendi of its failure to perform in accordance with the terms of our agreement and in particular, in refusing to pay Interplay certain monies due following our latest release, Lionheart, we still did not receive the payments owed to us," he said then, summing it up with "we had no choice but to terminate this agreement." We're glad to see that the two have kissed and made up.