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Interplay sinks to new low

French owners may take former CEO to court

The long-running soap opera surrounding the demise of Interplay continues today with the dramatic announcement that the company's new French owners are considering taking legal action against former CEO Brian Fargo. Fargo has allegedly been absent without leave ever since Titus took control of the company in a (very) hostile take-over last September, even though he only officially resigned from his post last week. Now Titus are claiming that he was caught "soliciting company employees" to go and work with him at his new company, which (if true) could be "a breach of his duties" to Interplay. "Frankly, we're outraged", Fargo's attorney told Reuters. "This is just fiction. He hasn't hired anyone from the company [and] he hasn't been competing with the company." Ironically, just a few hours earlier Titus bigwig Herve Caen had said in a press release that "I wish Brian the best of luck in his future endeavors" [sic]. Herve Caen is now acting as the interim CEO of Interplay, in addition to being President of the ailing Californian publisher. He added that "I look forward to working closer with the great team of people at Interplay to continue moving the company in a new direction". Quite what that new direction is we aren't sure, but given that the company has completely imploded in the last year any other direction has to be an improvement. Related Feature - Fargo quits Interplay

Source - Reuters