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Make your own City of Heroes content

NCsoft either lazy or ingenious.

NCsoft has plans to let you make your own missions and story arcs in City of Heroes.

Lead designer Matt Miller unveiled the ambitious decision after thanking those who had stuck with the Spandex MMO since launch over four years ago.

"I can't tell you how excited I am for our game's future, and although we have some major announcements yet to be made - one of the things I can talk about is a feature that we are planning," said Miller aka "Positron" on the official forums.

"Similar in concept to our character creator, it allows you, the players, to create missions and story arcs for your characters and others to participate in. You'll be able to pick the map, villain group, and objectives, as well as write the dialogue and any clues needed for the missions.

"When you are satisfied with it, you can upload it and have other players across all servers play it and rate it. Fame will come to the players whose stories rate the best overall. It is features like these that we never dreamed of including when we first shipped, but are excited to be able to offer players very soon," added Miller.

City of Heroes appeared in 2004 and make our own super hero and fly around saving the planet from baddies. We really rather liked it.

Just over a year later, the City of Villains expansion was released and finally let us dress up as baddies. We really rather liked this, too.

Since those early days, Miller says more than 32 million characters have been created and clocked up more than 29,200 years ("292 centuries") of game time. And, since auction houses were launched in 2007, more than 100 million items have been traded.

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