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Demigod pushed back to 2009

Specialist publisher Stardock on board.

Stardock has picked up the publishing rights to Demigod and plans to release the game next February.

Developer Gas Powered Games (of Supreme Commander fame) had previously told us it was confident of releasing this year, but it has been held up so it can "fully support" a beta test to launch this summer.

Also promising is the fact that Stardock will be digitally distributing the game without any on-disc copy protection, which should help bolster the multiplayer focus of Demigod.

"Forging our new partnership with Stardock is a big deal for all of us at GPG, and we couldn't be more excited about it," said Chris Taylor, founder and CEO of Gas Powered Games.

"Not only do we have a proven retail publisher, but we get to partner with a pioneer in the digital distribution space... A company that totally understands what kind of experience our customer wants and the quality game they demand. The whole proposition is truly refreshing."

Demigod is a real-time strategy outing with role-playing elements, and is a bit like Warcraft III - particularly the Defence of the Ancients mod.

You control a hero unit that orders an army around. These demigods can be either an Assassin or General; the former will fight in the heart of the battle while the latter will hang back and control proceedings in a familiar RTS way.

Demigod will feature a single-player experience, but only really as a way to introduce you to the game and become familiar with the controls.

Stardock was responsible for publishing the fantastic Sins of a Solar Empire, as well as the acclaimed Galactic Civilization series.

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