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Sony coy on PlayTV date, price

Amazon listing a phoney?

Sony has declined to comment over suggestions that PlayTV will be out on 31st July and cost GBP 60.

It was responding to a listing on retailer Amazon.co.uk, which has since retracted both the date and price for the telly-recording PS3 peripheral.

"We have yet to announce a release date and price for PlayTV, and do not comment on rumour or speculation," a spokesperson for Sony told Eurogamer.

PlayTV was unveiled for PS3 at the Leipzig Games Convention last August. It lets you watch and record digital TV broadcasts independently of each other, storing content on your hard drive.

Earlier this year retailer HMV predicted the peripheral would cost GBP 99.99, and be out at the end of March. But Sony rubbished this, too.

The only official word is that PlayTV will be out sometime this year.

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