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Sony quiet on Euro PS Store relaunch

Despite April 15th date for Japan.

Sony has told Eurogamer there is no news regarding the arrival of the latest firmware and redesigned PlayStation Store in Europe.

It was speaking after the company's Japanese arm revealed both would be available simultaneously over there on 15th April.

The relaunch of the PlayStation Store will include a treasure hunt to win one of 50 vouchers to spend, each worth JPY 3000.

It should help users get to grips with the new layout, which was redesigned for easier navigation after a survey concluded people were getting lost and missing their dinner.

The contents of firmware version 2.30, according to our very rough translation, will improve navigation, add some sort of slideshow feature to preview downloadable content - probably videos, add recommendation and trial features to PSN games, and do some sort of nifty shopping cart something or other. Glad we cleared that up.

Look out for the update next week, then.