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Bourne Conspiracy in late June

Will be "distinctively original".

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Sierra Entertainment has said The Bourne Conspiracy will be unleashed here on 27th June.

The PS3 and 360 third-person action game is modelled around the familiar Bourne films, but tells its own story and is promised by developer High Moon Studios to feel "distinctively original".

It loosely follows events from The Bourne Identity, but has you exploring the memories as they return to protagonist Jason Bourne.

Key to its charms is a bloody hand-to-hand combat system that has gruesome takedowns - quick-time events that call for button presses in time with on-screen clues.

It also has shooting sections, though these are less appealing than up-close fighting, as well as a car chase where you will be behind the wheel of an upgraded Mini in Paris.

High Moon has also worked closely with the estate of author Robert Ludlum to make sure it all fits with the books and films.

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