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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Bourne and Iron Man PS3 demos

Everybody's Golf 2 demo available for PSP.

Sony has updated PlayStation Network with a couple of PS3 demos, a couple of PSP demos and a bunch of packs for PSP navigation software Go!Explore.

Demo-wise, on PS3 we have Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, following its release on Xbox Live the other day, along with a demo of SEGA's sadly-execrable Iron Man adaptation.

PSP, however, gets two versions of an Everybody's Golf 2 demo - one for beginners, one for intermediate players - and an Ultimate Board Games demo.

That's along with Go!Explore packs for Benelux, DACH (?), France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain & Portgual, UK & Ireland and "Western" - the latter presumably showing you how to walk across the desert while Clint Eastwood swigs water behind you. All cost GBP 14.99.

Also on the PS3 version of the Store, Sony points out, is a High Stakes Poker video-chat add-on, and a bunch of PlayStation Day promotional trailers (e.g. "Play is full throttle" and "Play has no limitations" along with Kaz Hirai's introduction).

And if you like reskinning your consoles, you can get a Pixeljunk Monsters Encore theme and wallpaper for PS3, or echochrome wallpaper for either PS3 or PSP.