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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 13

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 13

UT3, Bourne Conspiracy, Top Spin 3, Iron Man, Battlefield: BC.

Our groins suitably girded, we return once more to the great cross-platform console development debate with the latest in our ongoing face-off comparison coverage. As if you didn't know by now, the aim here is to supplement existing Eurogamer reviews with console-specific commentary, backed up with a range of 'assets' losslessly extracted from the hardware during our testing.

This is achieved with the now ubiquitous Digital Foundry TrueHD capture kit, the only equipment in the world capable of ruthlessly plundering the HDMI ports of the respective consoles at full 24-bit RGB precision. Literally every single piece of digital information pumped out by the hardware is ours - ours I tell you - and from there we can supply ultimate quality screenshots and comparison videos.

Flash's support for h.264 combined with Eurogamer TV technology allows for video comparisons that actually work, with as much detail retained as possible. One pixel in the video is one pixel on your HDTV, and we've manfully done our best to sync up the two versions of each game to provide the best comparison coverage.

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Bourne and Iron Man PS3 demos

Everybody's Golf 2 demo available for PSP.

Sony has updated PlayStation Network with a couple of PS3 demos, a couple of PSP demos and a bunch of packs for PSP navigation software Go!Explore.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Wretched and clank.

They say that one of the signs of insanity is to keep repeating the same futile task, expecting the outcome to be different. I'm worried what this says about my mental state as, despite years of experience to the contrary, I still get my hopes up for each new movie tie-in. Especially superhero movie tie-ins. Maybe this will be the one, says the little voice in my head. Maybe this will be a great game and a great use of the character. This time. Maybe.

Iron Man, an abysmally implemented spin-off from the highly enjoyable movie, is just the latest game to crush my na´ve hopes into so much twisted metal.

As always, the story of the game takes the bare bones of the source material and then replaces all those bits where people talk, and develop character and plot, with more shooting and blowing up and shooting. In this case our hero is ultra-rich industrialist Tony Stark, whose capture by Afghan rebels makes him change his mind about using his engineering genius to produce instruments of death. Instead he creates...well, an instrument of death. But this one is a really cool flying mechanical suit, and he uses it to destroy the other instruments of death he made, so it's sort of okay.

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Iron Man voice cast announced

Iron Man voice cast announced

Robert Downey Jr. doing some lines.

SEGA and Marvel have announced that Robert Downey Jr. and other people will be doing voice acting in its upcoming Iron Man game.

Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist who through whatever happens in the comic/film/etc ends up as some sort of mechanised hero.

Sadly the press release does not include a quote from Downey Jr. "If you're doing a drama that has some comedic elements you can't forget that it's primarily a very serious film that has some light relief," he said in quotes attributed to him by the Internet about absolutely nothing to do with this.

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Iron Man

SEGA lifts lid on movie tie-in.

SEGA lifts lid on movie tie-in.