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Mass Effect PC delayed a little

Late May for US, here in early June.

BioWare has delayed the release of Mass Effect on PC slightly so it can finish getting it up to the standard expected.

The US version slips from 6th to 28th May, while the European offering will be out on 6th June.

"I have just confirmed with the development team that we are making a small change to the release date of Mass Effect for the PC," said Chris Priestly, community voice, on the official forums.

"The team here at BioWare, working closely with the good folks at Demiurge Studios, has decided that a few more weeks in the studio will ensure we deliver the quality that our fans deserve."

The extra time will go into polishing fresh additions such as hotkeys for Shepard's abilities, individual squad commands, a better organised inventory and technical issues such as shorter loading times, less texture popping and speedier elevator rides.

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