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Sony US to shut down some servers

Roughly a dozen for the gallows.

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Sony America is pulling the online server plug on some of its old PS2 and PSP games.

Support for around a dozen titles will end on 30th June, according to dbTechno.

The better known titles are Lemmings on PS2 and PSP, plus Everybody's Golf and Jak X on PS2.

Sony Europe was unavailable for comment.

The full list of games losing online support is below.

PS2 Games

  • Amplitude
  • Destruction Derby Arenas
  • Everybody's Golf
  • EyeToy Chat
  • F1 '04
  • Jak X
  • Lemmings PS2
  • My Street
  • Syphon Filter Omega Strain
  • This is Football 2004
  • This is Football 2005
  • Twisted Metal: Black Online

PSP Games

  • Lemmings
  • World Tour Soccer 2

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