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KOEI dates PC fighting duo

Romance XI and Sam Warriors 2.

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KOEI has braved GTA week apathy and stormed up to our keep waving news of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and Samurai Warriors 2 PC release dates.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is due out on 25th July, about a month after Samurai Warriors 2 turns up on 27th June.

RotTK XI, as we're all calling it, is set at the end of China's Han Dynasty in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, and as ever concerns military and political manoeuvring to help bring the country under one rule.

You issue more commands than before to those in your territories, dealing with unique personalities and lots of meticulously researched RotTK details across eight scenarios.

Samurai Warriors 2, meanwhile, is the usual massive battles and Musou gauge affair, having splintered successfully away from the mother Dynasty Warriors series in a way that, on Xbox 360 at least, we rather liked.

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