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PS Store will still be region-free

Redesign is purely cosmetic.

Sony has told Eurogamer that the changes to the PlayStation Store will be cosmetic, and that it will still be region-free.

This means that Japanese and US content will still be attainable if you set up accounts for each region, which entails a bit of fibbing about where you live.

The PlayStation Store overhaul was revealed late last month and is due to go live sometime in the middle of April.

It is an overhaul prompted by feedback from a survey you lot answered last year. Key demands were greater ease of navigation and a prettier look.

By Jove we think they've done it, juding by the screenshots.

The changes are being made behind the scenes as we speak but will not affect the front-end, so you can still buy things or browse the existing Store. However, no fresh content will be added until the redesigned Store launches.