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Story-driven Unreal will return - Rein

Epic vice president is "sure" of it.

Epic Games expects to make another "single-player, story-driven driven" Unreal game at some point in the future, according to vice president Mark Rein.

"I'm sure that at some point in our future we will make another Unreal, single-player, story-driven game. I'm sure at some point there will be one," he told Eurogamer in an interview. However, "There are no plans to do one today."

Asked why gamers have had to wait so long for another single-player Unreal, Rein pointed to Epic's satisfaction with Unreal Tournament.

"We make good money on Unreal Tournament, and it's a good game that we love to make, and it's not a five-year-long production and it's a great test-bed for lots of cool things that we want to do.

"We like making this type of game, and we have Gears of War as our kind of vanguard, single-player graphic showcase type of game," he added.

He also hinted at the possibility of other intellectual property emerging in the future, albeit the distant future, and talked about UT3 on 360 and why it's taken such a long time to happen. But if it's that you want to read about, then we suggest scooting on over to the actual interview.