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No theme tune remix for Ghostbusters

75 mins of unused OST to feature.

Terminal Reality has confirmed to Eurogamer that the new Ghostbusters game will feature the original Ray Parker Jr. theme song - plus 75 minutes of previously unheard soundtrack music.

According to executive producer Brendan Goss, the music was written back when the film was made but was not used in the finished version. TR has been allowed to put it in the game, pleasingly. "The sound guy was going bananas about that," Goss told Eurogamer. "He was running round the office shouting, 'You're not going to believe what's on this disc...' We're very excited about that."

The other good news is TR has no plans to muck about with Ray Parker Jr.'s classic title track. "When we were doing the focus group testing, we asked people how they'd feel about a remix done by a current band. We got booed out of the place," Goss said.

"People were really against it, going, 'You can't do that, there's only one song for Ghostbusters!' It was incredible. So we were like, okay, we won't mess with the Ray Parker Jr. song then."

Why not do a brand new record, like the one Bobby Brown did for Ghostbusters II? Oh, that's why. "There was huge controversy about that," Goss said. Yes, because it was rubbish. "Yep. So yes, we have the original, and no, we're not messing with it."

Ghostbusters is out on PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, DS and Xbox 360 this autumn. Read our new preview for more.