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City of Heroes weekend draws crowds

1300 attend. Some sleep in chairs.

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NCsoft and Birmingham's Omega Sektor gaming centre have revealed that 1300 people attended their City of Heroes event over the Easter weekend, and raised GBP 3000 for charity.

The four-day festival, from 21st to 24th March, was the biggest weekend function Omega Sektor has staged to date. This means that it beat Codemasters Online Gaming's Connect event earlier in March, demonstrating that City of Heroes still has a passionate fanbase, even if the superhero MMO's subscription numbers are dwindling.

"The crowds were amazing, with two teams playing 'Task Force Omega' non-stop for 24 hours, sleeping in their chairs," commented Omega Sektor's manager Shayn Hall. "I've never known anything like it."

The Task Force Omega challenge asked teams of players, starting at level 10, to complete all of the games six Task Forces in order. The eventual Task Force Omega winners were a Belgian and French team of seven, featuring a husband and wife.

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