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Rockstar Social Club sign-ups live

Including GTA portrait sweepstake.

As promised, Rockstar has started accepting pre-registrations for its online Social Club, and as added incentive to sign up they are offering to draw you.

By which they mean that if you are chosen randomly from among the many who sign up (over 40,000 so far, judging by our profile numbers), you will receive "your likeness drawn by Rockstar Games in the art-style of Grand Theft Auto IV".

The winner "will receive a digital copy of the portrait as well as a specially-sized version as a truly one-of-a-kind Rockstar Games Social Club avatar".

The Social Club page also reveals that it will be compatible with Midnight Club: Los Angeles when that game launches.

As you will remember, the Social Club's primary function, at least initially, will be to serve Grand Theft Auto IV players with leaderboards, statistics, tournaments and competitions, among other things.

Head to the Social Club website to sign up and find out more. GTA IV is due out on 29th April on PS3 and 360.