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WOW Arena Tournament sign-ups begin

Win thousands of pounds.

Blizzard has opened registration for the World of Warcraft 2008 Arena Tournament.

It takes place on special regional servers where you can create up to three level 70 characters from scratch and then deck them out in some of the best PvP and raid gear around.

From there, Arena teams of three will battle it out to be crowned the best trio in the world, with the star prize amounting to over USD 75,000. The victorious teams from each region will win USD 15,000. There are various other cash prizes for lower placings.

To enter the Arena Tournament you will need to dish out a GBP 12 / EUR 15 fee. Blizzard hopes this will will ensure only committed competitors apply.

Qualifying started at the end of March and will run for six weeks until the top four teams from each region begin battling it out for the top prizes.

Head over to the official World of Warcraft 2008 Arena Tournament website to sign up and for much more information.

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