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Microsoft creating its own Wiimote?

Out this year, says MTV.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft may be developing its own version of the Wii remote, according to MTV News.

Apparently evidence of a prototype was provided by an anonymous source.

The sketch shows a Wiimote-like design featuring an analogue stick rather than d-pad, and suggests there will be no nunchuk and that it will interact with the Live Vision camera.

"The whole thing is a colossal clusterf***," the source told MTV. "[Microsoft] marketing just want it so they can match the Wii point for point. The biggest parts of their marketing materials outline how easy it would be for third parties to port their Wii games to the 360."

The source goes on to reveal that Rare is the creative force behind the interface as well as the controller design, and will also be creating a Mii avatar system to go with it.

This, we're told, will be a more complex offering than the one for the Wii, and will be tied to games compatible with the controller rather than all titles like Gamertags are.

The source concludes by revealing that Microsoft has been working on the project since last August and is trying to get its motion-sensing controller ready for launch by the end of the year.

Is this anything more than research, Eurogamer reader?

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