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Earthworm Jim wriggles back to life

Interplay begins revival.

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Interplay has revealed that the first of its brand revivals will be Earthworm Jim.

The fourth instalment in the series is little more than concept at the moment and has no dates or platforms associated with it.

However, Earthworm Jim creator Douglas TenNapel will be on hand as a creative consultant, while simultaneously developing an animated feature film to help expand the brand.

Earthworm Jim first wriggled in front of our eyes in 1994 on the Megadrive. This space-faring worm in control of a powerful human-shaped suit had to platform his way across planets and zap baddies with his ray-gun. Its tongue-in-cheek charm soon spawned numerous sequels, including one on N64 and one on GameBoy Colour.

TenNapel was also responsible for an Earthworm Jim cartoon series on the telly that ran from 1995 to 1996.

Interplay revealed that Earthworm Jim would be one of its revival targets in early April, alongside Dark Alliance, Descent and MDK brands.

The publisher hopes to return to former glory by using the money gained from selling the Fallout IP to restart its internal development engine.

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