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Interplay re-opens dev studio

Rummages around old portfolio.

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Revitalised US publisher Interplay has re-opened its internal development studio in an attempt to rekindle some of its old magic.

It can do it because its revenues were up 872 per cent on last year, according to a financial statement by boss Herve Caen - although he accepts it is largely from selling the Fallout property to Bethesda for a rumoured USD 5.75 million.

The result is that we may see the likes of Earthworm Jim, MDK, Clayfighters, Freespace, Kingpin, Sacrifice and more reworked to stoke the fast-burning money oven.

It will need all it can get, too, as it has ambitious plans to create a Fallout MMO requiring a minimum financing of around USD 30 million. A tall task, then, but one Caen has previously said he is busy securing funding to overcome.

Meanwhile Bethesda continues work on Fallout 3 for PC, PS3 and 360, a game tipped by many to be as successful if not more so than acclaimed RPG Oblivion.

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