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Vivendi dumped by Interplay

Spat over finances has Interplay considering other distribution options.

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Interplay has ended its distribution agreement with Vivendi Universal Games and says that it is considering legal action against the publisher following a dispute over the payment of royalties.

According to Interplay chairman and CEO Herve Caen, Vivendi has refused to pay Interplay money due from its latest release, Lionheart, and as such has been forced to terminate the agreement.

Interplay, which is wholly owned by French publisher Titus, relies heavily on other publishers to distribute its games in certain territories, and says that it is now evaluating other distribution options for its forthcoming games - as well as considering legal action against Vivendi to reclaim the money it is owed.

The publisher, which has been heavily asset-stripped by Titus in the past couple of years, has two of its strongest releases this year planned for the fourth quarter, with Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel both due to be released on Xbox and PS2.

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