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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Eurogamer in blog format launches!

Plus, new Editor's and Developers' blogs.

Hello and welcome to the new Editor's blog! Let's begin with some good news: this is not a platform for me to write about what I had for tea, or how many times I've touched famous people. Although it is a lot, obviously. But before I explain what the Editor's blog actually is, let's talk about the far more eye-catching Eurogamer in blog format page, which is also going live today.

For a while now, it's been obvious that most of you view the site in two ways: some visit the homepage, where we show you around, and some watch the RSS feeds, where you pick your own path. Eurogamer in blog format is the best of both approaches: every news item, feature, screenshot gallery and video will appear there, with the latest stuff going in at the top. If you want to see what's new, just refresh the page.

No longer will you miss out on screenshot galleries or videos that we haven't elevated to the top half of the frontpage because they're not about Mario, Halo or whatever flea-bitten Japanese puzzle nonsense I'm obsessed with. No longer will you have to wait for your RSS aggregator to catch up with our latest output. Best of all, you can remain logged in, view comment totals and do all the other things you like to busy yourself with around the site without sacrificing the omniscience of an RSS overview.

In order to cut down on load times and page size, content will be presented in snapshot form. For features and news stories, you'll see the first three paragraphs followed by an option to click through for more. Videos will be watchable, but you will need to click through to Eurogamer TV for a full-size version. Screenshot galleries will show you thumbnails for the very latest additions.

Back to the Editor's blog, then. What's the point of this, if not to tell people about my Dragonache or parade my Mario Kart times? Part of it is to give Eurogamery news a home - stuff like new site feature announcements, or Eurogamer events. I'll use it to publicise Geekmeets, too. I will also publish corrections, explanations and clarifications here where necessary, rather than expecting you to go looking for them on the forum. If you're extremely unlucky, I may even delve into BBC territory every now and then by explaining how a big story developed, or how we work during trade shows, and it's possible that Ellie, Johnny, Oli and others on the editorial team will pop up now and then to perform similar duties.

Alongside the Editor's blog - literally, as you can see from the tabs above and to the right - is a new Developers' blog, where the men we affectionately refer to as Team Tech will give you specific information on what's happening behind the scenes. And it's to them that you should now go, because today also introduces some new technical features that deserve a bit of explanation, like videos in articles. Head there now to continue your journey, and if you have any feedback on the above, go ahead and use the comments form below.