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Welcome to the Developers' blog. You're probably surprised we're allowed to write things on Eurogamer, but we are. So there.

Why? Well, we do a lot of work behind the scenes; things of which you might not be aware. We thought it best to tell you guys what we're up to, how it affects you, and most importantly why we're doing it.

After all, we don't want you to think of us as the editorial team's horribly disfigured secret brother, surrounded by pigeon carcasses in the dark, listening to Squarepusher and changing things on a whim. The "whim" part is just wrong; there's definitely thinking involved.

So, sharing some of that with you is what we'll be doing from now on whenever any big changes take place.

With this in mind, what have we done recently?

The main thing we've done is add blogs. You've probably spotted that. The Eurogamer in blog format page exists to serve anyone from the distant world of the blogosphere who gets upset when they look at a site which isn't ordered chronologically. We also did it for the reasons listed on our arch-nemesis, the Editor's blog. Spit.

Elsewhere, videos now appear in certain articles, depending on when and where the editorial team chooses to deploy them. Click on the thumbnails and a whole world of moving pictures is yours without leaving the page. Although you will need to do that if you want to see the full-size version. Louis Lumiere would have understood.

We've made a bunch of smaller changes, too. We've amended the way the archives behave, allowing you to see all the content posted by a certain author. For example, you could look at all the bad games Ellie has to review. Developers' blog EXCLUSIVE: she's reviewing a big-name game at the moment. Will it be good? Find out later this week. There's a new How We Work section, too, although there are no prizes for working out what it's about.

Finally, sundry other small changes have been made by Mark, our lead developer, who's been beavering away, fixing and improving the behemoth that is our administrative site, which make things a bit easier for the editorial guys to add content to the site. They'll still complain though.

The good news is that with the Developers' blog, we can fight back. We can tell you about how Tom's always shouting, and how they never answer the front door buzzer even though it's always for them, and how they beat all our Trials 2 times, destroying morale. We hate them. So read our blog instead, as there will be more updates in the near future.