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Xbox 360 passes 19 million mark

MS wallet bolstered by consumer demand.

Microsoft has revealed that global sales of Xbox 360 have trundled past 19 million units mark.

Its momentum has grown steadily since the start of the year; Microsoft reported over 17 million sales in January and 18 million in February.

The figures come off the back of a successful third-quarter for Microsoft, which saw revenue from the Entertainment division perk up by 68 per cent.

The platform holder attributed this to demand for Xbox 360 consoles, and pointed to removing component shortages and delays in product delivery as a goal for the future.

Despite strong Entertainment sales, its Windows software dipped 24 per cent and earnings from online advertising came in at the low end of projections.

Observers also note that the Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo for USD 44.6 billion has had a negative affect on share prices.

Yesterday Nintendo revealed that its Wii console has now sold nearly 25 million units around the world.

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