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No micro-transactions for Guild Wars

NCsoft explains its NCcoin invention.

NCsoft has told Eurogamer that it has no plans to force its freshly-invented NCcoin system into MMOs with an incompatible business model, like Guild Wars.

NCcoins are paid for with real money and let you buy special items and equipment. Currently they're only available in MMO Exteel, but the publisher is looking to include it in as many other games as possible.

"Currently there are no plans to use the NCcoin system in Guild Wars," a spokesperson for NCsoft told Eurogamer. "NCcoin will not be retrofitted in games that have business models that do not work with a micro-transaction system.

"We will, however, work to have NCcoin incorporated in as many of our games as possible. What role NCcoin will play in our future console offerings is yet to be determined."

NCcoins are available in 100, 500, 1000 and 2000 denominations (USD 1, USD 5, USD 10 and USD 20, respectively). NCsoft claims it developed the system to offer you a variety of business models, and not simply to battle gold farming and real-world trading.

"The bottom line for NCsoft is that we want to be able to offer a variety of business models to meet the needs of the different customers out there," added the spokesperson.

"We have grown to the point where if you are an MMO player and you like the traditional subscription-based games, then we have those. If you are an MMO player seeking a free to play and downloadable games with micro-transactions, then we have those. And if you just want to pay for software and have a lifetime of play, then we have that too."

So far the items on offer are weapons and equipment, and NCsoft has "no plans" to introduce any speed levelling upgrades for now.

NCcoin is also only available in US dollars for the time being.

Pop over to the NCcoin website to find out more.

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